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- To the Recipients -

If you're in need of financial aid for school Your at the Right Place! This page is dedicated to young Latinas in their senior year in high school who need money to begin their college career and Latinas already in college who need financial aid to finish college. On the website we try to connect you with generous people who want to help Latinas fulfill their dreams. This is our way of helping all Latinas across the country.

*Please note that it is mandatory to send us a portrait of yourself along with filling out the form in order to be placed on this website and potentially attain free scholarship money.

-To Our Potential Grantors -

People, the time has come to give back to the community! There will always be some of us who are more fortunate than others and some who are not as fortunate - it's just the way it is and always will be. The problem is that some of us need to be reminded that we need to help elevate those who are less fortunate & less financially secure when we are doing well. There are many Latina students (possibly in your area) who need financial aid. Your help is crucial for Latinas who want to become professionals, head of corporations or entrepreneurs. It's inevitable that the goals of many Latina students will come to fruition but many will not because of their financial situations. Why should some Latinas have to struggle when there is so much wealth in the U.S.?


Please Help Pave the Future for Aspiring Latinas Right Now!

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