We are reaching out to local restaurants this quarter who are open for business during COVID-19 but need help generating sales.

Located in La Puente (91744) we are offering a great digital ad campaign to give back to our local businesses to help them survive during these times.

Our Restaurant Rescue Program is a shared cost program, that is simple, 50,000 emails to residents directly near you with your Logo, telephone number, link to website, menu or offer, hours of operation, pickup and/or delivery information.

This will drive traffic to your business!

This form of marketing has been a real game changer.

 Let us ask you a couple questions to see if we have a fit?  

  1. What type of marketing are you doing now?  Print, Digital
  2. How frequent do you do….? weekly, monthly
  3. Are you able to target your ideal customer? Or are you just carpet bombing?
  4. What type of results are you getting from …?

Are you able to track your results?

Let Us Build Value for Your Business:

  1. Show your community how you add value locally.
  2. Solve pressing issues during COVID-19 for your community.
  3. Generate more sales and stay successful during the Corona Virus.
Target Zip Codes

-Sample Email-

Sample Email