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Video Production:  
Model Demo Reels  
If you are a aspiring actress, model or reporter and you need a demo reel, contact us! Bring us you're work in any format DVD, video files downloaded off the web or any other media file type; there is a 99% chance we can use it and create a fully edited version of you're work so the next time there is opportunity you can be ready to show your body of work. We can deliver in all formats to fo Blu-Ray, DVD, PC, Web, Tablet or Smartphone.
These two aspiring models Leslie & Debbie living in Hollywood asked us to help them create a Teaser to market to potential reality show producers. These two beauty's tease us with a "Day in the Life of two wild Aspiring Models" living in Hollywood. We captured 3 hrs of footage and edited a final product at under 5 min.

At ANTHONY CHRISTIAN PRODUCTIONS we can take you from concept to completion in a very short time or show you how to segment the job into phases where you can spread the costs out allowing you to concentrate on your business and not have to drop everything to get your goal completed. We are not only flexible but also understanding to your busy schedule.

We produce simple to complex projects all based on the size of your budget. Call us to see how we can help fullfill your marketing & advertising needs. 626.715.2869.

Always keep in mind that we own the top Latina Model Management Company (www.LATINASinc.com) in the U.S. Our Latina Model/ talent pool can always be intergrated into your marketing & advertising needs when targeting the U.S. Latino market.

Video Production
Celebrations (Weddings etc....)
    Model Demos
    Non Profits
    LM Mag Event Hosting
Post Production
Adobe CS3, CS4, CS5.5
    Flash Animation Intergration
    Green Screen Editing (sample)
Blu Ray HD / 1080p
DVD Widescreen
Web / HD 720p
Mobile Devices




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Our motto has always been "If you think experts are expensive, wait till you see what amatuers cost".

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