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Our Vision:

INTRO: We offer an array of marketing & advertising services that help position your business in the right direction for attaining customers and clients. Our core strength is developing marketing & advertising strategies with Latina Models and talent. Whether its talent for your production, runway models for a fashion show, a Latina model for a national ad campaign, or a bilingual Latina spokesmodel for your product or service in a tradeshow setting or production. We have the means to accomodate you in a varity of ways with over 50 Latina Models across the country to select from including the ability to send an email blast for a casting or model search to over 500 Latina Models located in Los Angeles alone. Our experience dates back to 1994 when corporate America was still not sure if the Latino market was a viable market or not.


Latina Model based Marketing & Advertising :

OBJECTIVE: To provide advertising, branding & event marketing  to clients across North, South & Cental Americas who wish to use Latina models in either traditional advertising mediums or new media based global advertising. Companies who use our services in the U.S. are primarily target marketing their goods or services to the U.S. Latino Market. AC PRODUCTIONS is today first & foremost a full-service marketing & advertising company with direct access to 50 plus beautiful Latina Models across the United States by way of our flagship website LATINASinc.com. Our core marketing & advertising services provided are:

Graphic Design  
Web/CMS/ Mobile Design  
Video production including pre & post  

FACTS: “Latinos will change the profile of American society over the next four decades. The Latino population will grow much quicker than other population segments, and Latino consumers will represent an increasing percentage of the American consumer base.” -Tatjana Meerman, publisher; Packaged Facts research company. A closer look at the data shows Latinos moving up through the income brackets. The percentage of households in the lower-income bracket ($34,999 or less) decreased from 64.3 percent in 1972 to 52.1 percent in 2002. On the other end of the spectrum, the proportion of Latino households earning more than $100,000 increased from 1.5 percent to 7.2 percent, while the middle-income bracket ($35,000 to $99,999) expanded from 34.2 percent to 40.7 percent.


Latina Model Management Services:

OBJECTIVE: To provide the most beautiful & talented Latina Models and talent in the world to ad agencies, film, television, music, and new-media industries across the Americas. AC PRODUCTIONS has been booking jobs for Latina Models & talent since 1995. Officially became a online Latina Model Management Company in 2000. Since the launch of LATINASinc.com in 2000 it has had the longest runs at the top of all search engines under these two common key words "Latina Models".
Latina Models LATINASinc.com

Latina Model Magazine:

OBJECTIVE: This high fashion luxury magazine will focus on the Beauty of the Latina Model while showcasing our talented Latino fashion designers and the successes of both male & female Latino talent in entertainment, music and sports industries in a sophisticated and respectful manner that will inspire all Latinos to be achievers while raising awareness and monies for causes & charities who are most in need in the United Sataes and in Spanish speaking countries outside the U.S..
Latina Model Magazine HD High Fashion Los Angeles

Brief History: AC PRODUCTIONS is a Latino owned company with its roots in publishing artistic photographic calendars with beautiful Latina Models. The all Latina calendar concept was conceived in 1994 publishing Latina Model Calendars in years 1995, 1996 & 1997. These early all Latina calendars were marketed across Southern California including a number to the New York & Miami markets by means of trade events, radio & magazine ads. The Mission of this company has always been to elevate Latina Models & Talent to the mainstream forefront in the United States. The Mission today is still the same, however now in new media outlets that are more fitting for today’s current global business environment.

Our web marketing efforts target potential businesses looking to use Latina Models /Talent for their next advertisment, production, casting or spokesmodel need will likely find us on the web through our internet marking efforts including Latina models who are seeking representation to attain bookings. Our web presense is as follows:

Primary Sites:  
  Latina Model Magazine, LatinaModelsHD.tv, & LATINASinc.com.  
Dedicated Video Channels  
Social Marketing Sites  
Mobile site  
Photo Sharing Accounts  
Latina Model Database Directory  
Latina Model Management
Latina Models Magazine
Latina Models Magazine
Latina Modeling Agency
Top 100 Latinas
Mobile Phone Site
Free Latina Scholarships
Latina Fashion Model
Top 10 Latina Models
Latina Bikini Lingerie Model Search
Latina Model Talent Search
Ole Model Management Para Modelos Latinas
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Our motto has always been "If you think experts are expensive, wait till you see what amatuers cost".

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